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Potter’s Field is the product of separation and divorce, of a marriage destroyed. The collection is a personal account of the impact of lies, betrayal, hiding and silence. It's a tapestry of the casualties, the abandoned and forgotten. In the end, the imagery became the grounds for my strength and a burial place for the unknown.

The collection's title derives from the Gospel of Matthew. Judas received thirty silver coins to betray Jesus. In remorse, he returned the coins to the temple. The priests could not accept his "blood money" so they used it to buy land to bury the poor. The land they bought was rich in clay and was the land of a pot-maker. As a result, a "potter's field" is now known as a place to bury the poor and unknown.
Decanted CommunionGarish DeceitUnabashed HidingEvacuated ChamberDepraved OfferingOvershadowed ScarsToppled PairingStonewalled CaptiveSalted WoundsWarped AngleDampened SpiritsEvicted TerritoryDefiled GroundsStowed AwayDiscarded RemainsJagged DivideWilted JewelAltered EgoEchoed SilenceBuried Ghosts